Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thank you for style!

This Thanksgiving, my mom & sister came to NYC to visit me. Mitch came over for dinner as well, making a complete set of holiday misfits!
-a military wife
-an unwitting stepmom
-wife of a wanderer
-gay stylemaster
So of course we had to take a portrait! Mom was the photographer since she is the least interested in fashion of the three of us.
I am wearing a vintage crochet dress & holding the mink muff my mom bought me at an estate sale!
June fur jacket, hat from Chelsea Flea, Pedro Garcia leopard shoes, Target socks.
Allie is wearing her beloved American Apparel skirt/dress/all-around-fabric. Mitch is wearing his camel cashmere blazer.
Happy Thanksgiving!
I am thankful for all I have and hope springs eternal for what's to come!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ted Baker Grand Opening Party!

last night fun & fashion were had in the Meatpacking District at the Ted Baker grand opening. Charisse was the hostest with the mostest and hot pink martinis were everywhere you turned! i turned a little too much...
i wore my Jessica McClintock vintage dress, H&M tights, and my new Wang bag. i lusted after Natalia's vintage YSL clutch.

Friday, November 19, 2010

H&M Lanvin!

ahhh tomorrow is the big day! i wish i had patience to stand in line
in the cold for hours. but alas, c'est la vie, i do not!
maybe i can find some choice pieces on ebay in a few days.
it's a great collection, and will surely be a future classic. i still
wear my Stella McCartney for H&M dress from 2005 with pride!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

FUR real!

this girl on the street had the most awesome deep purple fur around her neck, i just had to stop her!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Elle magazine Swarovski Crystal event

Mitch and I attended this soiree in Soho on a rainy Tuesday evening. I wore my Club Monaco Francois the frenchman sweater with my ball skirt and a vintage rabbit coat. My new Wang bag swung happily cross body.
Mitch had on his newly Banana Republic tailored suit, & a plaid tie with a safety pin from the drugstore as a tie bar. Tie bar to die for! He's so creative, I just couldn't live without him.
The windows were decked out beautifully and there was a giant crystal column by the staircase that was mesmerizing!
I have a new point-and-shoot camera I'm trying out since my big ole rig is so heavy and it was raining. I think it did pretty well!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

another FIND

this Alexander Wang belt/corset/je n'est c'est pas thing was a MUST on my recent buying spree. i had been eyeing it for months. finally got it! it really brings a touch of something extra to anything you pair it with! i love it with this Target boy's shirt. a wife beater would also be great! even some of my dresses will benefit from its waist-cinching power! it's like the bottom part of a menswear vest with buttons. ingenius! ah the Wang....
H&M skirt, Pedro Garcia denim & pearl heels, girl gone crazy bracelet by Anna Herrington from Shouture back in the day, Nixon watch (present from my man thing back in the day), Tova necklace
i really am finding value in the pieces i have had many years and can keep wearing. fashion is an investment if you play it right!


Yossi Harari has gotten me into fine jewelry...
alas, i was always happy with the fake stuff, because fine jewelry was
so staid and boring. but NOW!
so many great things are happening with oxidization and raw diamonds.
i want the REAL stuff!

the magic Puffer

a cute Puffer coat? yes, it's possible!
i discovered it on the mega chic website
along with many other under-the-radar styles.
the street style photos on the site show the clothing in a very real
scenario, instead of studio lighting with an impossible looking model.
it's ground-breaking!
i love the trend towards real people in fashion. it's been happening
for quite awhile now, and it works!
Puffer coat by Undercover.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

the perfect holiday shoe

subtle shimmer, just the heel!
love them!
Phillip Lim is a genius!

J to the Crew!

they are REALLY turning it out lately.
this fab look with the men's shirt peeking out of the skirt? SO GOOD!
and this shoe....divine!

new Acquisition

sometimes a piece is so stunning, it is not just a "buy," it's an "acquisition!" such is the case with my new Leifsdottir skirt. i passed by it on the rack, seeing the $850 price tag, and knowing it was too much for such an extravagant piece. then later, i found out it was from summer and would be marked down! lo and behold, it rang up to $180! yesssssssss. my day was made, and i knew a blog would soon follow.
i dressed down it's flamenco-sensibility with a ladylike J. Crew camel cashmere crew and an Hermes Twilly scarf. pearls by my girl, Jenn Fenton, of course! Pedro Garcia leopard kitten heels.
i probably should wait and wear this for an "event" but i'm sure i'll end up at work in it! :)
grey + beige=greige! the hot new nail color as well as the color of my new Alexander Wang bag.
i love the color, as it goes with ANY other colors! i love the big tote size but lightweight feel of it. the leather is sooooo soft too!

Shiseido Pop Up Shop!

What a great marketing idea! Pop up shops satiate our hunger for something new, fresh, and NOW!
Shiseido's first ever pop-up shop is here in Manhattan! Starting today until November 19 from 11AM to 7PM at 989 Third Avenue at 59th Street, you can pop by for all things Shiseido! The shop is only open for one week so hurry in! 
Dick Paige designed this color palette after a Nevada campfire. So pretty for fall!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

oh JA!

i just could decorate my whole world with Jonathan Adler!
these are a few of my favorite things....
baboon sculpture
tortoise shell lamp
crocodile print leather table
ultimate wallpaper!


day in the City

Brie and I met up for a fun shopping trip. She had this belt on at the Lucky Shops event that I went nuts for. It started off our conversation and here we are! We met at Court on Mulberry in the heart of Little Italy, where she bought the belt awhile back. It's vintage from 70's or 80's. They don't carry vintage items anymore but they just launched their own denim line and they DO carry fun things from Mink Pink, Rory Beca, and more!
Check out their site at and their address is 178 Mulberry St, NYC.
Brie's blog is here:
She is a writer, and I am a photographer. Really, we were destined to meet!

chicest way to winterize a miniskirt! legwarmers with garters!

black ones on the mannequin in the window
Brie and her great buffalo plaid coat
accessories are king!

ubercool shopowner letting us take over the store!
the belt that launched a friendship!

close-up. ahhh the colors!
nothing cuter than an Irish girl in shades!
outside of Court
freckles are my fave!
the windows at Court
Brie picked this bag as her fave item at Court
more know!
lunch at a cute cafe nearby
Brie's ring from Lucky Shops 

close-up of the ring. i think it's looking at my plate of gnocchi

delish Gnocchi on a chipped antique plate. so NYC!

snake tiles on a wall
so in love with neon! makes me want to snowboard just to carry that thing around!
Chanel is right across from Crocs....if they make a Chanel croc, poor Coco will roll over in her grave...

cigar store indian. how Americana!
even the pigeons were cold today...
inspired by architectural wonders all around!
very cool old Land Cruiser!
yes my hair is flat and i look like an overfed caterpillar....but i was warm all day!
my handsome beau. ever the male standard of fashion...