Monday, November 8, 2010

day in the City

Brie and I met up for a fun shopping trip. She had this belt on at the Lucky Shops event that I went nuts for. It started off our conversation and here we are! We met at Court on Mulberry in the heart of Little Italy, where she bought the belt awhile back. It's vintage from 70's or 80's. They don't carry vintage items anymore but they just launched their own denim line and they DO carry fun things from Mink Pink, Rory Beca, and more!
Check out their site at and their address is 178 Mulberry St, NYC.
Brie's blog is here:
She is a writer, and I am a photographer. Really, we were destined to meet!

chicest way to winterize a miniskirt! legwarmers with garters!

black ones on the mannequin in the window
Brie and her great buffalo plaid coat
accessories are king!

ubercool shopowner letting us take over the store!
the belt that launched a friendship!

close-up. ahhh the colors!
nothing cuter than an Irish girl in shades!
outside of Court
freckles are my fave!
the windows at Court
Brie picked this bag as her fave item at Court
more know!
lunch at a cute cafe nearby
Brie's ring from Lucky Shops 

close-up of the ring. i think it's looking at my plate of gnocchi

delish Gnocchi on a chipped antique plate. so NYC!

snake tiles on a wall
so in love with neon! makes me want to snowboard just to carry that thing around!
Chanel is right across from Crocs....if they make a Chanel croc, poor Coco will roll over in her grave...

cigar store indian. how Americana!
even the pigeons were cold today...
inspired by architectural wonders all around!
very cool old Land Cruiser!
yes my hair is flat and i look like an overfed caterpillar....but i was warm all day!
my handsome beau. ever the male standard of fashion...

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