Thursday, September 20, 2012

The I Love Tuni show

Tuni & Paige are in town for Coterie and seeing them is as inspirational and fun as ever! After viewing the Halston spring collection, Tuni & I dodged the garbage lined street of Soho & took a snap.
APC dress
Marni tights
Marni shoes
Bunny necklace (gift from Tuni)

Tun wears amazing jewelry as always, too much to list, and a great photo print tunic by Clover Canyon.
She's so dope....
and P.S. about my Marni shoes....AMAZING! they scream "fall"
not fall down, but fall the season...

Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Mitch was in town for the weekend and we went to our fave bar at the Royalton Hotel. It's a super chic underground place that movie stars go to. Yeah, that's right.
Actually it's just really quiet with great music, and not crowded with douche bags. Probably why the movie stars go there...
I dug out my duchesse satin baby blue Gary Graham dress from 2005 and plopped on my dookie roll and BE&D shoes with studs on the back, and threw my new Vlieger & Vandam gun bag across my arm. READY!
Good Times.
My present was not only a fun night with my best Gay, but also this fab Awesome-puss pouch. Hot pink & just cannot go wrong with this combo!
Thanks, Mitchie!
He was sporting the coolest ever iphone case, from JAPAN, home of all things uber's so sick.
I pre-partied with Liat & took the close-up of my gun bag. It's absolutely extraordinary. Really. Truly. I love this company.