Monday, September 28, 2009

last days of summer

gary graham dress, omelle shoes, jovovich-hawk eyelet socks.
lots of bling jewelry from jenn fenton & my mother Mary heart from

i'm so ready for fall but it's gonna be 92 today!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

height deficient

standing on my toes trying to be tall next to allie
zara dress
roz leggings
E&J flats
allie is wearing twinkle dress
leggings and shoes from target
we ADORE target

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I'm getting this October 1
I already named him Maurice
it's macabre but I love it!

Friday, September 25, 2009


great shoe
but can't walk in it
LAMB needs to test their designs on real feet not Barbie ones

Thursday, September 24, 2009

2 days

ok first day. i reshot this one. the outfit was too cute to just do a
close up! the cavalli zebra pencil skirt with black tank from american
apparel and bright pink bralette.
piles of necklaces and melanie dizon HOT shoes. so good. grey ankle
wrap! yes!

2nd day. stopped in the boondocks to snap a pic. lucky i didn't get
raped by drunken fishermen, but it was 8am.....but you never know....
ALC striped sweater, royal blue bra by american apparel. H&M skirt
with ruffles from like, 4 years ago! loeffler randall shoes, also 3-4
yrs ago. good times last forever!


Gary Graham for engagement portrait
I hope he'll design my wedding dress!
short & insane

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

necklace day!

today i just layered on everything, since i'm seeing jenn fenton. 2
are hers, and the bird is gerard yosca.
bra by american apparel. only fun colors are allowed to show!

Monday, September 21, 2009

rainy monday...

doesn't get me down! unearthed an old Club Monaco tunic and donned my Roz leggings, in honor of the marc jacobs baggy leggings at his show.
loved them!
i've had these for 2 years, so i guess i'm ahead of the curve, eh marc. call me, we'll talk!
vintage LV bag, the "lou", tara tarantino skull heart necklace, velvet bow cuff from H&M, BTW (big tacky watch) from freelook

shoes by Omelle

Thursday, September 17, 2009

CFDA nominees

both Gary Graham and Justin from subversive jewelry were nominated!
tell me I don't have great taste!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

last day in NYC

how adorable we look.
and my new necklace from like a deranged parrot around my neck!
love it!
zucca white dress, iisli crochet leggings, chanel flats (that mitch fixed!)
mitch is wearing j. crew white pants & polo, LV shower shoes, and a j. crew belt. a high low masterpiece!
his bag is some brooklyn artist we are dying to find again, but can't remember the name. 

Chanel ballet

Mitch, my stylist I literally cannot live without, fixed my flats today
I originally saw them in teen Vogue, next to the worst 2 words in
editorial, "model's own."
I emailed someone there and asked about them. yes I was obsessed
they were last year's style so not available anymore
that means "EBAY"
I began the search
finally found them in a size too small. I bought them anyway-obsession
is a powerful thing-and tried to wear them
but they killed my feet
I care too much about comfort so I resold on eBay for a bit more than
I paid. Go, me!
the search was on again
finally I found them one size too big which was fine, Chanel runs tiny
I didn't meet the reserve price but knew they would relist them
instead they gave me a second chance offer for my lower bid! yay
so now I owned them again
the problem was the annoying elastic in the heel that shoes have now
it pushed my toes forward and left marks cutting into my heel
how on earth can FLATS be uncomfy?
so I asked several shoe repair places to remove the elastic. they all
told me they couldn't, even the one in NYC!
so I gave Mitch the scissors, said a quick prayer and let him do his
they are now the everyday comfy go-to ballet flat I wanted them to be!
thank you Mitchie!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

fashion week in NYC

i shot backstage at Tracy Reese today. i wore my Gary Graham hook & eye dress and my Cynthia Vincent snake boots. JKC cuffs, which got lots of compliments, and my new fave shoe clip necklace from Jenn Fenton. it was fun and her spring collection is something i am already looking forward to!
BTW, Gary Graham has been nominated for the CFDA fashion award. it's a huge honor! congratulations, Gary!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Indashio show

tonight i shot backstage at Indashio's fashion show at the Time Hotel.
i wore Gary Graham crinoline skirt, ALC striped sweater, Roz stirrup
leggings, E&J teal shoes.
i didn't pack much so i'm mixing and matching. it's rather fun!

Justin the Genius

in his NYC studio

leopard and skulls

what is mitch wearing?

guest star on my blog is mr. mitch.
red plaid jacket by club monaco, brown herringbone vest from Target
(love the hi-lo!), tie by psycho bunny, plaid shirt by Lord Willy's.
we really had to turn it out for fashion's night out!
even in the rain.....

fashion's night out!

gary graham's opening party!
wooooo. so looked forward to this. even changed my flight for it!
i wore my blue GG dress with orange crinoline, and great Roz stirrup
leggings with EJ shoes.
but alas, no full length pic was taken.
but i did get a shot with gary graham himself!
what a great party. and his new shop is amazing as well.
can't wait to see the spring line!

Thai dinner

first evening in new york. dinner at a little thai joint.
travel worn but still have to look chic!
ALC striped sweater, Daryl K. leggings with attached skirt
Elizabeth & James shoes (my new staple!)
marc jacobs wallet as clutch (laziness reigns!)

i heart NYC!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

fashion week!

first post of fashion week. very exciting!
so due to packing issues, (we only do carry on), i had to wear my
biggest items since they wouldn't fit in my pretty pink Hideo
Wakamatsu roller bag.
Gary Graham crinoline skirt (that i am wearing to his store opening
dallas shaw silkscreen bee tee, saint grace grey tank underneath
marc jacobs leopard cuff, candace ang locket and key necklace
and my cynthia vincent boots!
not the most practical traveling outfit, but def fun times!

Monday, September 7, 2009

pencil skirt

making it casual
mostly because i have NO black plain tops
all my things are crazy
so a crazy skirt and i have no top!
but this jean michel basquiat tee from Uniqlo worked it out
skirt by cavalli
velvet pumps by delman
watch by nixon
white snake cuff by Seril
chains necklace by Tova
Happy Labor Day!
(yes, i am laboring today...)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

wedding work dress

i wear this pink trina turk dress to conservative weddings where i
don't want to shock anyone. but it's actually really cute.
it has a hidden belt inside to pull in at the front only . so the back
swings loose and the front gathers in.
with my prada buckle flats and snake necklace. also my
JKC "vodka martini...shaken not stirred." that always garners some
i ended up having an ok time.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

shopping fool

just ordered these....they are SO sweet
i know i will wear them ALL fall
elizabeth & james by mary kate & ashley
so many names, so little time!

dream birthday suit

if i lived somewhere COLD, this is what i would have worn today, my
but alas, i just played dress-up in my Florida condo. on the upside, i
did go swimming in the ocean today, before it began pouring, in my
uber cute J. Crew skirted bikini. so it was a good day after all! i
will wear this bomb in NYC when i go. and hopefully the Sartorialist
will spot me!
Tracy Reese sweater dress, this is THE sample. it was not even made! i have the ONLY one. i'm so excited about that. 12th street olive snake fold down boots, Treesje skull clutch, Ted Rossi lizard cuff, my rapper chain, and vintage hat for a topper!

yesterday's outfit

so fun, i needed to show the back of vest and the stirrup knee highs
by VPL
i had fun in this get up all day. it was a nice pre-birthday costume!