Friday, June 25, 2010

h2o plus skincare

great packaging & concept!
coming from the beach to the city, I can't wait to try out these new
skin products with sea extracts

Saturday, June 12, 2010

when i am old...

i shall look like this woman!

photo courtesy of Beefy!

Fashion Illustrator Extraordinaire

Mitch and I had our portraits drawn by famed artist & blogger Richard
Haines. it was a fab experience and we have priceless mementos. i
might give mine to dad for father's day but it's a hard call!

Friday, June 11, 2010

belt of my dreams

i saw this snake waist belt at Club Monaco several months ago. it was
$150. i couldn't really afford it though i wanted it SO bad. i thought
and thought about it and finally decided not to be bad. now that i'm
here in NYC permanently, i walked by the Club Monaco and though still
broke, decided to walk in anyway. it's hard for me to "just look." i'm
definitely a "buyer." so i walk around and there is my belt! ONE left.
in MY size. marked down to $59! yay! NYC is expensive though, and i
don't really have extraneous money for yet another belt....however,
such a good sale and one left, happens to be in my size. it seems like
fate. i decide to go for it. the cashier rings it up and says "it's
actually $29" YAY! ding ding i won!
worn to an art opening with my lace Gary Graham, and Cynthia Vincent
Harper wedges, & Target socks.
leopard cashmere cardigan by Autumn Cashmere and Treesje handbag.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

another grey drapey dress....

how could i resist? a grey silk Walter dress, so easy to throw on in
the dead heat of summer. and the low cut makes a great frame for a
neon bra from American Apparel. colorful skinny bangles by Volcom (go
shoes by Cynthia Vincent (goddess of shoes)
leggings from Loft
lips by jules smith, heart w/ Mother Mary bought on street in Brazil

Sunday, June 6, 2010

can i keep it, Mitch?

my official apartment hunting outfit:
after all, it's 90 outside and i'm traipsing around questionable
neighborhoods and need to be comfy.
since we are soon to be paying a million for rent, the clothing budget
is almost non-existent, which leads me to my archives. that can be a
good thing. this top is Wyeth, by Todd Magill. it must be 4 years old.
it has great bronze beading on the shoulder. necklaces by Jenn Fenton
& Jules Smith. bangles by JKC. Michele watch from ebay, Helmut Lang
jeans from Mitchie. Cavalli sunglasses & Pedro Garcia skull flats.
and no, i didn't keep this street sofa. no worries.

Friday, June 4, 2010

welcome to NYC!

here i am, off to interview with Gary Graham. the girls were so nice
and loved my enthusiasm for the brand. i simply can't help it! he's my
favorite. then i apartment-hunted all day....not so great. but i'm
here. and for good!
Gary Graham hook & eye dress
Cynthia Vincent shoes
Target nude socks
Gerard Yosca plastic "quilted" cuff
Jenn Fenton shoe clip necklace on vintage chain
Gerard Yosca snake chain