Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Straight up Gangsta at Gary Graham

Me & Anna buggin' at the ABC Gary Graham outpost. She is wearing fall stuff and I am rockin'
a spring floral dress but MOST importantly, this sick grey leather harness. I MUST HAVE THIS THING.
I am such a sucka for a harness. I just am. It's like 7 bills though....someone hire me!

Monday, February 6, 2012



Madonna vs. Dries

Apparently there was a Madonna show at half time yesterday. I have been reading about it non-stop on Facebook.
Obviously these people have not seen my Dries van Noten coat if they are still concerned about this Madonna person. It is TO DIE FOR.
Not to mention the sweet green vest I scored at the Gary Graham sample sale.
And NO that is not my midriff hanging out! It's my camel Uniqlo shirt! I'm not Madonna.

Now, I wonder what Lourdes will wear to the Teen Choice Awards...

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Justifier for Hire

Ok, I realize I'm unemployed. But this Libertine dress. I mean, come on, look at it... LOOK AT IT!
If I could make a living justifying purchases, I'd be hired in a sec and very, very rich.

I have taken it upon myself to compile the top 10 list of why it was OK for me to buy this dress in my current jobless state. Partly because I have lots of time on my hands, and partly because my mother is going to call within minutes of this post to lecture me.

1. It was 70% off. That is reason enough really.
2. It's "green." It's a vintage dress that was re-purposed. How politically correct!
3. It's one of a kind. That always seals a deal for me. It even walked down the runway! (see pic)
4. It was a nice sale for my buddy Addysen at Saks. How generous I am!
5. I need an interview dress now. (Not really, but it sounds good.)
6. It's warm and I'm a cold cookie here in the 51 degrees of NYC.
7. It's going to make me a hit at Fashion Week on Thursday.
8. I can shoot a model in it and then it becomes tax deductible. Yessssssss.
9. It was my final farewell to my Saks discount.
10. I wanted it. LOOK AT IT! and check the dopey grin it put on my face :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Copy Cat

Tuni had a great Haute Hippie necklace that was a fur collar with loads of gold chains hanging from it. It costs a small fortune so I decided to make my own. Voila!
I had this leopard collar from an antique store hidden away for years. I found it and attached my chain necklace from Rapz with safety pins. I arrived at work and the seamstress asked how I made it. I showed her and she immediately set to sewing it proper-like for me.
Thank you, Christina! xoxo
black turtleneck: Benetton
crinoline skirt: Gary Graham
stirrup leggings: Uniqlo
ballet shoes: Chanel
cuff: Jessica Kagan Cushman