Sunday, February 5, 2012

Justifier for Hire

Ok, I realize I'm unemployed. But this Libertine dress. I mean, come on, look at it... LOOK AT IT!
If I could make a living justifying purchases, I'd be hired in a sec and very, very rich.

I have taken it upon myself to compile the top 10 list of why it was OK for me to buy this dress in my current jobless state. Partly because I have lots of time on my hands, and partly because my mother is going to call within minutes of this post to lecture me.

1. It was 70% off. That is reason enough really.
2. It's "green." It's a vintage dress that was re-purposed. How politically correct!
3. It's one of a kind. That always seals a deal for me. It even walked down the runway! (see pic)
4. It was a nice sale for my buddy Addysen at Saks. How generous I am!
5. I need an interview dress now. (Not really, but it sounds good.)
6. It's warm and I'm a cold cookie here in the 51 degrees of NYC.
7. It's going to make me a hit at Fashion Week on Thursday.
8. I can shoot a model in it and then it becomes tax deductible. Yessssssss.
9. It was my final farewell to my Saks discount.
10. I wanted it. LOOK AT IT! and check the dopey grin it put on my face :)

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