Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Joe meets Levi

Back home in Florida where the weather is warm, and space is plentiful!
Wearing my name sake shirt from my fabulous fashion friend Addysen! Thanks for the parting gift, Addy!
G.I. Joe is my camo Prada bag that I'm a little in love with. I was never one for the camo trend, but with such a ladylike bag, you need a whacky print. Plus it's GREY. Yum.
Shorts are Comme des Garcons, another thing I can't get enough of, and also so ladylike that I like to wear a crazy tee with them to tone it down.
Neon sandals (from before neon was IN!) by Christopher Kane. One of my favorite pairs of sandals, proven by the fact that I paid full price for them! (which is rare in Coco's world...)
The bracelet I ordered from some Italian website & I really can't remember at all.
Getting old sucks. I do remember it's a Spanish designer & she's totally rad. That's knowledge enough, right?

Baby Levi courtesy of my sister, Lauren, about six months ago. Thanks to Lauren for a great prop for Joe!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

First Sweater of the Year

it's officially cold & i dug out my Ann Demeulemeester sweater with the floppy stuffed animal sleeves. :)
H&M tights, Dusica Dusica boots, Comme des Garcons skort
and of course, Ozzy, the McQueen bag

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Boot World, Party Time

New Yorkers love boots & I have found the perfect pair;
seasonless, light, comfortable, short, & above all, GRAY!
I rarely pay full price for things, utilizing friends discounts, eBay, & such, but these defy price!
They are my fave new thing & I have a feeling they will need resoled soon...
by Dusica Dusica

Thursday, July 11, 2013

a dress, a dress, my kingdom for a dress...

I got another new dress yesterday, in the POST--fancy Brit word for mail....
Did I need another dress?
How many dresses do I need?
The answer to those questions, is Yes and A Jillion.

The green is Acne, a fabulous find ON SALE (justification kicks in like a life force...) from this great website that sends a fun reusable tote with your order! BONUS!, yet another justification. It's in Italy (where fab things generally are...) & called Bagheera.

With it, I am wearing my 5-bills, the Loeffler Randall shoes from many moons ago that I HAD to have, and look, I'm still wearing them!!! I think green & camel are divine together.

My new spring bag, from ebay, a Givenchy Nightingale in a wondrous bone color. It's such a cool neutral yet it says a lot more than a general neutral...the wrinkly elephant leather is just too good.

BTW, my Big Tacky Watch by Freelook, and some great necklaces by Jennifer Zeuner.

The blue & white quintessential cut-out sundress is Boy Band of Outsiders.
Such a cool brand. Their lookbook pics are that! Denton & my mother both were perplexed by the loose threads hanging at the bottom---i had to explain the gorgeous theory of "deconstruction" to them!

Wearing my UES Michele watch, second-hand off ebay, and D-Squared sandals. These sandals are so amazing, they look like Hermes ribbons. I have blogged them before, long ago, but they bear repeating. Plus it was a LOOOOOONG winter and it's sandal time!

The End!

oh!  and photos by the ever-talented Denton Taylor!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Instagram Rules!