Thursday, March 31, 2011

St. Kilda via Park Slope

Today I visited the jeweler who made the ring that I cannot stop thinking about. A white enamel scorpion clutching a small ruby, as if to say "Just try and get this from my grasp." Many jewelers and designers have taken to macabre subjects, such as bugs, bones, and skulls, but Nora Kogan of St. Kilda gives them poetic justice & just a bit of pixie dust. My love of neon was only stoked by her fiery shades of acid yellow, red & cobalt, combined with gorgeous stones that look to be plucked right out of the earth, without precise cutting and fussing. The store itself was a trip to another land, inviting and exotic, and Nora, well, she was a pure joy, with that Aussie accent and captivating personality. Her story is a great one, and it's on her site, so I didn't bother with an "interview" here. I just wanted to post some photos and sing her praises all the day long.
She & I took turns modeling the rings with our bright nail polishes chipped to hipness. She did the scorpion for herself in all diamonds, retailing for about what a nice used Lexus would run you. But who would want a dumb car when you could have a diamond-encrusted scorpion "living" on your finger?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

red alert!

new favorite handbag designer!
Meredith Wendell!
(wish this was my pic; it's not, it was on her amazing site!)

Drowning in Color

i want to! but it's still 40 out so i'm STILL hiding in my puffer coat. BLACK. ugh. i have all my neon & brights lined up though, for the second it turns 60! i did find something i can sport now: nail polish! neon is everywhere but only one brand makes this light tangerine color! LOVE It! it's by POP at Duane Reade for $10.
yellow cardigan from J. Crew sale rack $30!
white top with chain mail harness by Rozae Nichols
jodhpurs by Gary Graham
neon socks J. Crew
neon bra Pink by Victoria Secret (they have great colors right now)
shoes D&G from Tuni
scarf is vintage Vera. the colors are so very this spring!
since i can't afford the entire Jil Sander spring collection, i'll make due with my fun sale finds and accessories until i can! good thing that for fall, it's all color again, including an amazing cobalt blue dress/coat!

i found this really creepy cat sticker in Williamsburg and put it on my camera bag. cool!
i was so tired of all my tights in a box all mushed together so i couldn't find them! i hung this dorky clothesline in my room so i can see them all! i love tights! (even though i suck at putting them on)

there is a funny story about the tights on the far right. they are ACNE, and so cool. they are called tantra leggings, but they are stirrup tights. i was on a blog and they were dissing these so bad. i was like, wait those are the coolest tights ever. i followed the link to and bought them immediately! i guess i'm just a lil different. they were originally $200, which was part of the gripes online but by the time i found them, they were on sale for $50. they only had XS left, which i am NOT, but i squeeze into them just fine.

Friday, March 25, 2011

J Crew pet project starts today!

J Crew is running a series of my pet portraits on their staffers for
their new blog!
First installment here!

Friday, March 18, 2011

The color of the day is....YELLOW!

in honor of the warmth bestowed upon NYC, i have donned a yellow ensemble today! yellow seems to be popping up everywhere like daisies. the Kate Spade window is all done up in yellow hue and i've even seen yellow coats going by earlier this week before the temperatures lifted. usually yellow is paired with gold, but i thought it was fun to do silver and grey instead.
leather jacket by June
skirt by J. Crew
socks H&M
shoes Cynthia Vincent
python clutch and bangle by Clara Kasavina
necklace by Tova

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

the worst part is....

seeing fall 2011 while it's march 2011. i want it NOW! it's still
cold....but these goodies won't come around til oh, July, when it's 90
fashion is a tough game...a waiting game.
but this is worth the wait! leather culottes? so good!
bib scarf? LOVE IT!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Groundhog Day?

i am trying to rush spring, and the only thing happening is me freezing to death, under-dressed and looking foolish. but i LOVE neon! i can suffer for a photo before i pile my ugly puffer over top my cute outfits. ugh. i thought Pocahontas Phil saw his shadow? what gives?
new spring dress by Gary Graham
wedges by dani black from zappos
neon socks J. Crew
necklace Tova
cuff JKC

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Portrait of an Artist

Richard Haines is getting big! He's been featured in J. Crew and his drawings are getting lots of press. I got a chance to watch one come to life before my very eyes...(actually a second chance, i had him draw my portrait when I first moved here)