Sunday, March 27, 2011

Drowning in Color

i want to! but it's still 40 out so i'm STILL hiding in my puffer coat. BLACK. ugh. i have all my neon & brights lined up though, for the second it turns 60! i did find something i can sport now: nail polish! neon is everywhere but only one brand makes this light tangerine color! LOVE It! it's by POP at Duane Reade for $10.
yellow cardigan from J. Crew sale rack $30!
white top with chain mail harness by Rozae Nichols
jodhpurs by Gary Graham
neon socks J. Crew
neon bra Pink by Victoria Secret (they have great colors right now)
shoes D&G from Tuni
scarf is vintage Vera. the colors are so very this spring!
since i can't afford the entire Jil Sander spring collection, i'll make due with my fun sale finds and accessories until i can! good thing that for fall, it's all color again, including an amazing cobalt blue dress/coat!

i found this really creepy cat sticker in Williamsburg and put it on my camera bag. cool!
i was so tired of all my tights in a box all mushed together so i couldn't find them! i hung this dorky clothesline in my room so i can see them all! i love tights! (even though i suck at putting them on)

there is a funny story about the tights on the far right. they are ACNE, and so cool. they are called tantra leggings, but they are stirrup tights. i was on a blog and they were dissing these so bad. i was like, wait those are the coolest tights ever. i followed the link to and bought them immediately! i guess i'm just a lil different. they were originally $200, which was part of the gripes online but by the time i found them, they were on sale for $50. they only had XS left, which i am NOT, but i squeeze into them just fine.

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