Monday, March 29, 2010

guest star yet again

i showed up at tuni to make outfits and general mayhem and here was jess yet again, turning it OUT. dress by julie haus and 2-die-4 shoes by Faryl Robin
super 80's sunglasses by Quay

Sunday, March 28, 2010

belt makes the dress

i have always loved this dress but never wore a belt with it. on a trip to my fashion alma mater, Tuni boutique, i put on this Sass & Bide corset belt with it, and it came to life! i need it now. urgh. lotto, anyone?
jewelry by (rose gold swallow & fox claw)
shoes by (Riana)
dress by Karta from several years ago. python print, so good!
handbag by Treesje
bangle by
all apparel from

Friday, March 26, 2010

naturals + bling

i love the unexpected combo of neutrals with a bit of badda bling! the ruffle top by Aira NYC, paired with Lauren Moffat shorts (rescued from gauchos that i had hemmed once i realized it was very embarassing to be wearing gauchos, even if they were Lauren Moffat and bought on
fabulouso belt by Gary Graham, it's my wonder woman belt. brings specialness to any outfit.
cuff by Seril paired w/ assorted cheap bangles
shoes Loeffler Randall (LOVE)
the beauty of the ruffled neckline is little jewelry is needed, just bling up the wrist, and in this case the waistband.
clutch by

chic wedding attire

it's not impossible. though many bridesmaids dresses claim you can wear it again, most you wouldn't want to. this purple number by Aira NYC is so pretty and flattering, you will be clamoring to don it over & over again!
the short drapey bridal gown is perfect for a beach wedding or informal destination fete. funk it up with a vintage shoe clip worn in hair, fun green satin t-straps wedges, and chunky jewelry layered on! it could also be very formal with certain accessories. some brides even wear a long dress for the ceremony and a shortie to the reception. comfortable, fashionable & versatile! dresses jewelry (necklace used as bouquet) gold shoes green & gold t-strap wedges
vintage shoe clip from chelsea flea market in NYC (a virtual treasure trove for everything fabulous!)

Monday, March 22, 2010

beach to street

a fashionista at the beach has to be versatile! my favorite option is from carve designs beach wear. they make adorable reversible swimwear and cute clothing and this rash guard! used by surfers so they won't get rash from the wax on their board, rash guards are utilitarian chic! this one is hot pink with jellyfish printed on it! love. then after the beach, throw on some jeans and cute flats and off you go!
Helmut Lang men's jeans
Zara snake bow flats
Libertine for Target scarf
JKC bangle
Carve Designs rash guard and ruched bikini bottom

giveaway winner

congratulations to Allison Denman from Chicago for winning the Wendy Mink necklace!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

i love

stirrup tights! and my Pedro Garcia skull flats.


such a great "trend." how ironic that ladylike has become a trend, instead of a way of life. it has a vintage feel, which is sad but yet intriguing. i love modern things as well, but the lady is fun to bring out once in awhile!
vintage Louis Vuitton speedy bag (my first ebay win!)
fabulous deco dress from Aira NYC
jewelry by jenn fenton
lace stirrup tights from forever 21 (you never know!)
classic forever shoes by Loeffler Randall

Monday, March 15, 2010

Wendy Mink Jewelry Giveaway

my first giveaway on my blog!
woo hoo!
celebration time, come on....
so to enter, FOLLOW my blog, the LEAVE a comment under this post. on friday at 5pm EST i will randomly pick a winner!
make sure to leave a contact email address!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

anthropologie on a budgetie

yes, they show you this shotgun shack filled with home items totally about $5k. nice.
well recessionista here is working on "starving artist" mode and i ain't got the dough!
my problem was buried, tangled necklaces. first i got some white plastic silverware separaters at Target. that worked but...UGLY!
solution: put small nails in the wall in some loose pattern and hang the necklaces on them!
instant art!
price: oh about $1.25
love it!


question: how many flats do i really need?
answer: quite a lot

comfortable and cute, they save me and my feet. i love heels, but i just can't do it 24/7 like some girls.

Roz last collection

i special ordered this puppy from Roz before she quit doing Roz so i hold it dear now for sure. in the lookbook, i thought it was leather. i also thought it was a stand alone piece. it turns out it was sewn to a big baggy silk tank. not so much, so i had my co-worker cut it off the tank and i wear it with a wife beater, which was the original plan for the one i concocted in my mind. it looks sequined, but it's white chainmail. pretty cool!
helmut lang men's jeans (back when Helmut was designing) *gift from mitch. thx!
fuzzy bunny tail flip flops
unicorn necklace by


i spotted this dapper cutie on park ave in winter park, ...where most people are dressed in bermuda shorts & flip flops. good for him! he looked straight outa soho. love the mixed prints, and is that a camera on his belt buckle?!
he works at

mitch is gonna need freak out control!

Friday, March 12, 2010


bag! ugh. Chanel tribute but so uber pink & preppy, i can barely stand

i heart MJ!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the Jeep!

i bought this vintage jacket at an antique store in St. Augustine during college for $50. i didn't really have an extra 50 back then, but i'm so glad i went for it! it says "Patty" on front with '37 for 1937. it has the Jeep on the back, which is a little known Popeye character from the original cartoons. no one knew what type of animal Jeep was, but he was based on a dog with magical talents.
Protest dress by Nili Lotan, with a 60's photograph of a protest on it. always gets mega comments!
spats legwarmers--can't remember where these came from, but i love them! they are tight on top like a sock and loose and wide at the bottom to go low over your shoe. very soft too, i think they're cashmere.
shoes by Undercover Ltd., on sale at Jeffrey. score!
necklace by Candace Ang, an amazing jewelry designer! she always has the freshest ideas before they hit mainstream. she pioneered the acrylic shapes in jewelry.
Nixon watch from my fabulous skater boyfriend, who has exquisite taste!
white leather cuff from Seril, an offshoot of streets ahead, the belt maker. they made uber cool jewelry & handbags.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

another Alice creation

this is the strapless one the Hatter made for her on the spot in the
love it!

reminds me of old rozae nichols....

Saturday, March 6, 2010


oh my. i spent a lot of the movie planning on how to have something
made resembling these fab creations. the 2nd dress she wears, the one
the hatter makes for her in the teapot and the red crinoline one are
just about unnerving me! wondrous!
i shall wear crinolines now, i'm sure, for awhile.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Easter Seals event

Charity shoots a Charity Event! yay.
i wore Gary Graham plaid yet again, because most of Winter Park hasn't seen it yet....i did knee socks slouched down with my CNC boots, neon yellow BCBG underskirt and a taupe Target tee. say THAT 3 times fast! my melting Chanel necklace off Etsy got the most comments, i must say.
one fab Italian patron had these amazing green Marni heels on. we were all chasing her down, asking about them. Jess from Tuni had on neon yellow JJ by Julie Haus bubble dress with this SICK Sass & Bide corset belt (which i want in ivory.) it looked so great on her, love her little bob! Brandolyn was also in neon yellow Trina Turk trench. Tuni turned it out as usual, my icon. good times had by all! there was even a chocolate shoe in our goodie bags, which i promptly devoured.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

cynthia vincent for fall

ahhh. i can't decide!
flats or wedges?
black boots or brown?
so good!

my dress!

THIS amazing designer will make my wedding dress. i can feel it...
she's in portland, and absolutely fabulous! the photographs on her
site are inspiring as well! i want to go shoot now!


Dallas Shaw makes great art and has a fab blog too! i ordered this tee off Etsy, it has a bee screenprinted on the side. i love how it's off center. i ordered the tee in large because some baby tees are way too tight on my big muscular arms (haha) but this one actually ran more true to size. however, i like the bigness of it, allowing fun bras to poke through, such as my fave royal blue from which matches my H& tights! of course we don't match our bags and shoes anymore, but piling on a crazy color is quite a different breed of matching i think. necklace by Vanessa Montiel, cuff by, sweater by autumn cashmere. boots by frye.
and be sure to check out for awesomeness!

Monday, March 1, 2010


normally i don't match colors but if you purposely overdo it, it can be fun. Ann Taylor Loft went through a style redux and they have some really cute things lately, such as this gold cuff bracelet. also their lookbook featured slouchy socks with heels, a look i copied here. i LOVE socks with heels, and the slouchy ones give an air of casualness to an otherwise dressy outfit.
J Crew taffeta rugby stripe skirt
Target boys button up shirt
socks from Marshalls
Cynthia Vincent yellow & white strappy heels
Treesje bag
Trina Turk scarf on bag
Cavalli sunglasses
Yochi multi charm necklace