Saturday, February 27, 2010

sop this up with a biscuit

SUCH a gorgeous shoe.

would go great with one of the wedding dresses i have picked out!

yesterday's quick change

i rarely bring clothes to change into for a party. i wear one thing and then just keep wearing it. but i was doing some photo shoots and didn't want to be all gussied up.
day: Catherine Malandrino top, Roz layer top, Helmut Lang men's jeans, J Crew neon socks, Cynthia Vincent flats, Tarina Tarantino skull heart necklace
night: Gary Graham hook & eye dress, vintage rabbit fur coat, Cynthia Vincent boots, Subversive parrot necklace
and my best accessory: my goofy expression!

Gary Graham & Maurice

a natural pairing! also introducing my new favorite layering piece, Rozae Nichols grey silk jersey top with black leather sleeves from the elbow down. LOVE THIS. it goes under EVERY thing i own to winterize it. most layering pieces i have used are boring tees from target, but now i have one that stands alone as well as hypes up everything i wear it with! Iisli leggings, which have saved me this winter, Gary Graham sweater dress, Maurice (my DVF sweater), Cynthia Vincent flats

June leather

what a great innovation at Coterie for fall. this leather trench unzips to become a short jacket and a low slung skirt! amazing! 4 outfits in one! i love grey leather; there's something different about it. when i think of leather, it's always black, so i love a taupe or grey like June does.
partners Pablo (designer) and David (sales) at their Coterie booth

Thursday, February 25, 2010

TUNI, My Style Star

i met up with tuni, paige & angel from at Coterie and helped pick out pieces for fall. always a pleasure.
one for me, one for the store....two for me, one for the store....
tuni is my style hero. she is wearing Maurice (DVF sweater with raccoon fur) here and the detail shot is a great combo of necklaces. she is always piling on the jewels and it ALWAYS looks spot on.

Coterie wrap up

Coterie was a smash this year, with bigger and better booths than ever!

Bensoni was a stand out, with a 40's feel. Ben said it was "like a young girl raided her grandmother's closet." It was very "great gatsby" yet completely modern.

Rubber shoes by Melissa are being brought back from the past, with designer collaborations with such greats as Vivienne Westwood & Jean-Paul Gaultier. the shoes are lined with soft velvet and are comfy, waterproof AND flexible!

Byron Lars was a wondrous mix of vintage and modern, playful yet sophisticated with exaggerated shapes and really great fabrics.

Sass & Bide brings in the wave of the future with their detailed and thoroughly modern designs. The look book had a horn shaped piece of plexi on the cover. they are cool all the way!

Improv'd is a great new line of sweaters, leathers and great tees. draping and fabulous neutral colors, along with a doable price point brought this line out in the forefront.

Tracy Reese was actually at her booth making a surprise appearance, chatting up buyers and her reps, all while showing her three fab lines of feminine wearable frocks.

Three days is hardly enough to see everything, especially with so many emerging designers!

Bring on fall 2010!
...even though i'm still anticipating spring!

Rozae Nichols has left the building

she technically has a new line with a friend called "Ian" but there is nothing even remotely resembling her old designs.
i will miss the leather, feathers, mesh, and all the other additions to her clothing.
there were some cute pieces, but it was very conservative in general, leading me to believe she lost some financing.
those designs must have cost a lot to produce, as they were very detailed.
the recession has cost us a great talent.
i am even more into my old Roz pieces now! i feel like they are museum worthy, since she is not really fulfilling that vision anymore.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

why no posts?

my laptop was stolen here in NYC
but I have SO much to post from the Coterie show
I will post madly all weekend once I get home to a computer!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

new skate shop, old CM top

my guy has his new office in a new skateboard shop in daytona beach. pretty cool. i shot pics today and dug out an old favorite:
catherine malandrino top (worth $400 believe it or not)
it's very different and transcends trends, came with the great karate-looking belt in a dark champagne color, plus it's a bubble top! get out!
nanette lepore denim peplum skirt, also an old favorite that will always be fab
olive tights, cynthia vincent olive snake foldover boots (my most favorite ever, and comfy!)
candace ang locket necklace, hand cast rose gold swallow necklace, and and gerard yosca snake chain

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

HOT! has some FIERCE shoes out right now.
i love a sandal. possibly being in florida, but i just do!
these marc jacobs with chain mail ankle cuff are just too much!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

valentine's dinner!

i usually hate to go out to eat on a holiday and fight the crowds but darn it all if i wasn't craving some crazy martini concoction...and a mad outfit. so off we went!
embroidered dress by Tibi
thrift store ($1!) handbag with beaded spiderwebs
melanie dizon shoes (she's a genius!)
vintage fur (a gift)
necklaces by Tova and


these are fab.
i expect no less from Sigerson Morrison.
i avoid seeing them online because temptation shoots sky high, but
alas, i was traipsing around,
all innocently.
and here they are, in all their t-strap glory. so gold, so good!


so my fiance watched Gary Graham's fall show with me (love him!)
and he remarked that it reminds him of the upcoming tim burton Alice
in Wonderland.
good observation! (SO love him!)
can't wait to see that flick. i bet Gary's stuff will fly off shelves
after everyone falls in love with Alice....


Gary Graham fall show.
good times.
love him!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


alexander mcqueen's death leaves a large hole in fashion.
he was ground-breaking. not just great, but changing the face of
so sad, so early to go.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

GARY GRAHAM spring 2010

ahhh. it came today!
not even 15 minutes passed after the box was delivered, i sawed through it with my house key, and pulled out my Gary Graham spring plaid dress, and was out shooting! ...the very one he was photographed in Vogue pinning for his CFDA finalist article. i am beyond thrilled. it's like inside out plaid. it's darker on the inside...i love him! i put it with his harness belt (i had already envisioned this) and his crinoline skirt, then my iisli crochet leggings (it's still cold, even in florida), and an off white June fur lined suede motorcycle jacket. top it off (or bottom...) with CNC by Costume National cognac boots. glorious! winter into spring, a segway achieved perfectly on this lovely 66 degree day. :)
even though my budget has been cut drastically for clothing, i squeezed this must-have dress in and i know i'll get loads of use from it!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


wow. only $93. i would think so much more. they remind me of the BE &
D ones i wanted so bad for $395 at
these are at
very cool site with affordable goodies and clean layout.
love em!

wonder woman

this ring is HOT!
it makes me think of super heroes.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

high style Methodist

going to church, it's cold. time to bust out Gary Graham sweater dress, which was MIA in my "winter" closet since last year and i plum forgot about it! alas....
i love it, it's so comfy and cute.
Frye boots
Target sweater leggings in charcoal
Dries van Noten black cowl neck (a gift)
Tracy Reese oversize kimono sweater (such a gem!)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

show hanging

i hung my fashion week pics yesterday at Tatame. road trip into town!
Zucca japanese dress
Gary Graham harness belt
Iisli crochet leggings (with a nice accidental rip)
Target tank top
Elizabeth & James flats