Wednesday, February 10, 2010

GARY GRAHAM spring 2010

ahhh. it came today!
not even 15 minutes passed after the box was delivered, i sawed through it with my house key, and pulled out my Gary Graham spring plaid dress, and was out shooting! ...the very one he was photographed in Vogue pinning for his CFDA finalist article. i am beyond thrilled. it's like inside out plaid. it's darker on the inside...i love him! i put it with his harness belt (i had already envisioned this) and his crinoline skirt, then my iisli crochet leggings (it's still cold, even in florida), and an off white June fur lined suede motorcycle jacket. top it off (or bottom...) with CNC by Costume National cognac boots. glorious! winter into spring, a segway achieved perfectly on this lovely 66 degree day. :)
even though my budget has been cut drastically for clothing, i squeezed this must-have dress in and i know i'll get loads of use from it!

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  1. i saw this in vogue too...where did you get it? online? i just bought the striped shirt dress...i'll get it next gg!