Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jil Sander peplum

this piece has it ALL!
1. was on sale
2. pivotal element in the spring collection
3. NEON!

i was so geeked on Jil Sander for spring. fall is still way live, and features lots of fur!

worn with Comme des Garcons skirt, Club Monaco cashmere tee and Chanel flats.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Women Be Shoppin'

Whether broke or not, Mitchie and I love to shop! He just bought this great keychain from Coach attached to his All Saints drop crotch pants. Yessssssss. Stylin outside Vnyl in Chelsea where we had a sweet date!

Why Fall Should HURRY

my new Alexander Wang sweater with a zip off peplum. Ahhhhhh.
layered over Gary Graham cotton shirting dress and black legwarmers with Pedro Garcia leopard heels.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Junya meets Alexander

Two greats in one outfit, as different as they are....such as Stevie Wonder's surprise visit to the Lil Wayne show in Canada. Yes, I am still living vicariously through my super cool boyfriend who is currently on tour with the aforementioned Weezy.
Anyway, back in Brooklyn, another Junya skirt was added to the collection, from the nautical spring collection. It has sailor buttons (they really work!) on the front and the front hem is shorter than the back. It's pretty much the dopest nautical skirt ever.
The Alexander McQueen top has a frayed jabot and is the most luscious ivory silk. They are both coups from the Saks Consolidation Sale. Word!
My new Ikea wardrobe makes a great background for outfit shooting so hopefully I won't slack so much.
Neon socks from Target, 5 bills shoes aka Loeffler Randall platforms, and a crazy neon ribbon bracelet from the Coterie show. Thanks, Paige & Tuni for that!