Friday, January 29, 2010

instant update

this mint dress is 3 years old. but a pop of colored tights from H&M, and it's new & fresh again! love the colored tights and socks thing. i have been working it and it does make my old clothes current again. love that in this BAD econo, with my broken down car sitting out in the street. no money to fix it, but i have a fab wardrobe!
shoes by loeffler randall
bracelet by jessica kagen cushman
dookie roll bought on the street
BTW (big tacky watch) by freelook

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

interview with a client

i met a jewelry designer today at the beach coffeehouse to talk about shooting her stuff. wanted to look casual but still chic.
dress by ZOA
leggings by Rozae Nichols
sweater by Autumn Cashmere
shoes Pedro Garcia

Saturday, January 23, 2010


is there some sort of job where i can just wear cocktail dresses every
the work is not so important; i just want to wear a cocktail dress
EVERY day.

is this really too much to ask?

i want to be pretty!

here are some more elopement choices. how will i ever narrow one down???

elopement dress

since I look like hell, I'll post candidates for my dress to elope in
I do want a light color but doesn't have to be ivory
white is def OUT mostly cuz it's unflattering but also for less
obvious reasons
anyhoo this zac Posen caught my eye in a NYC window

fashion sick

here's what I've been wearing the past week:
Victorias secret pjs and sock monkey slippers from target
got the bronchitis in NYC
hope to be turning it out again soon thanks to a Z-pack!

Monday, January 18, 2010

mitch & I

aka "the king and I" taking over NYC one outfit at a time.
mitch got his lumberjack vest at levi's on sale!
i am wearing a bottega venetta knock off dress from ZOA, hot pink disco leggings from, the ubiquitous thigh high shearling boots from Love Australia and a cashmere knit cap from club monaco. oh wait! belt by GARY GRAHAM! i love him!

Friday, January 15, 2010

ben & carlos @ Jonathan Adler

so cute! i wished i would have had my J Crew school girl outfit on. i would have matched them!

hot pink!

it's cold but still have to work it out. i was going to buy winter leggings at American Apparel but they only had navy, black or grey. Not so much....i bought the shiny pink disco leggings instead. my boots will keep me warm enough. i can't bear any more dark in my winter! long snake print cashmere wrap peeks out over my bubble skirt. coat by Brooklyn Industries. boots by Love Australia. on sale at! i later bought a cashmere beanie hat in a great teal color at club monaco in the men's dept on sale! lesson here: shop EVERY department. you never know!
Mitch looks smashing as always.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

really, REALLY?

i have ALWAYS hated Uggs. ugly things. hence the name. HOWever, when i shot one of my Jonathan Adler clients, she had these amazing thigh high Love Australia shearling lined beauties on and i fell for them. they were from last year and a whopping $475!!!! i searched high & low on the internet and finally found them for sale on
i think they might be keepers! after all, i have to stay warm in NYC....

it lives!

ahhhh i have had the winter doldrums pretty bad lately. it's so cold i have lived in my yoga pants. i know, terrible! but at least i have been doing the yoga they were actually meant for. however, not dressing up has caused me mental duress for sure. new years eve was a backyard bonfire so no great shakes there. fun yes, but dress-worthy, no. hopefully the new year brings occasion and inspiration to keep dressing up!
resort dress by Common Thread
tights H&M
Loeffler Randall shoes aka "five bills"