Saturday, December 31, 2011

Junya Redux

I want to show off the skirt, not the sweater, and for that, the waistband needs to show. It's a fat ribbed knit. So good! Plus for work, I needed to dress the skirt up a bit more to avoid the wrath of my manager. And I'm having a great hair day....
BCBG white shirt
Junya vinyl skirt
Chanel boots
blue tights from Daffy
chain necklace from Club Monaco

Thursday, December 29, 2011

What's my Motivation?

I was not finding any motivation to get out of bed today. Luckily I got this sweater yesterday or I might still be wadded up in my ten blankies. It's my first Ann Demeulemeester piece and I'm a bit excited to debut it on a grey day that matches it!
And even though I complain relentlessly about the evils of working retail, there IS a sweet discount. A $1000 sweater for $250 is what's up!
Worn with a pleather Junya Watanabe skirt. Good times!
I'm so into big floppy cuffs.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Because I want to wear a ball skirt to work, that's why!

I'm feeling melodramatic today, it's close to Christmas, and Saks will be full of lunatics, so I will portray my own lunacy by wearing my Ivan Grundahl ball skirt. It's quilted and full and super warm. I got it at Chelsea Flea Market from the vintage designer lady. I blogged it last year but haven't drug it out this year. Until today.
Uniqlo heattech striped tee and leggings to bring reality to the ensemble. Hot pink suede flats by J. Crew.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

General Coco

I love this military dress by A.P.C. I feel like an imperialist leader . Or a monk. It's simplicity allows me to use accessories with abandon. I felt jewelry would detract though, so I just kept the neon tights as sole distraction. Boots by Cynthia Vincent, Tights from We Love Colors.

Friday, December 9, 2011

3.1 Lim

New addition #234: Phillip Lim dress in kermit the frog GREEN! I love this shirt style dress, it's so simple but sooooo good. My boss loves it, calls it my "grown up" dress. That kinda ruins it for me, but I still wear it. We Love Colors tights (they have 51 colors!), Marc Jacobs leopard cuff, Etsy Chanel melting necklace, Costume National boots.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Two for Tuesday

Working 6 days a week is pretty strenuous and leaves little time for blogging. Not sure when I'll become independently wealthy and not have to work, but I hope it's relatively soon!
So today I am blogging both outfits from the days previous.
First is my guy, Gary Graham. It's been awhile and this is a great sweater dress from his fall collection. H&M tights and Marni shoes and a Uniqlo heattech tee complete the deal.
Second is an old dress from Tuni by some cheapo designer who knocks off other expensive designers. Well, ok, then. Mitch thinks this is a Balenciaga knock off. Cool! It's like parachute material and just a really short bag dress. I adore it. More H&M tights in olive green and my Stuart Weitzman leopard boots from Bergdorf last year, along with another Uniqlo heattech (my staples for layering! and only $19.95!)
The ladies at Saks make me come over and show them my outfits every day so there is a big pressure not to disappoint!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Corporate suits will be in today so I've been told to "not dress whacky."
Ok.....I can do conservative with the best of them! My version, anyway. I also have a few secrets to keep my integrity....Such as the gold skulls on my Alexander McQueen boots. And my 14k razor blade necklace. From far away, I look like Katie Corporate. But inside, I know I'm still Coco! Not to mention my "Bite Me" bangle by JKC.
Someone pointed out to me yesterday that McQ by McQueen line has a little gold razor blade attached to each piece of clothing! Now I feel a small connection to that master of design...
Leopard skirt by H&M, tights by Givenchy, boots by McQueen, top by Devi Kroell, vintage razor blade bought on ebay.