Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the Jeep!

i bought this vintage jacket at an antique store in St. Augustine during college for $50. i didn't really have an extra 50 back then, but i'm so glad i went for it! it says "Patty" on front with '37 for 1937. it has the Jeep on the back, which is a little known Popeye character from the original cartoons. no one knew what type of animal Jeep was, but he was based on a dog with magical talents.
Protest dress by Nili Lotan, with a 60's photograph of a protest on it. always gets mega comments!
spats legwarmers--can't remember where these came from, but i love them! they are tight on top like a sock and loose and wide at the bottom to go low over your shoe. very soft too, i think they're cashmere.
shoes by Undercover Ltd., on sale at Jeffrey. score!
necklace by Candace Ang, an amazing jewelry designer! she always has the freshest ideas before they hit mainstream. she pioneered the acrylic shapes in jewelry.
Nixon watch from my fabulous skater boyfriend, who has exquisite taste!
white leather cuff from Seril, an offshoot of streets ahead, the belt maker. they made uber cool jewelry & handbags.

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