Thursday, March 31, 2011

St. Kilda via Park Slope

Today I visited the jeweler who made the ring that I cannot stop thinking about. A white enamel scorpion clutching a small ruby, as if to say "Just try and get this from my grasp." Many jewelers and designers have taken to macabre subjects, such as bugs, bones, and skulls, but Nora Kogan of St. Kilda gives them poetic justice & just a bit of pixie dust. My love of neon was only stoked by her fiery shades of acid yellow, red & cobalt, combined with gorgeous stones that look to be plucked right out of the earth, without precise cutting and fussing. The store itself was a trip to another land, inviting and exotic, and Nora, well, she was a pure joy, with that Aussie accent and captivating personality. Her story is a great one, and it's on her site, so I didn't bother with an "interview" here. I just wanted to post some photos and sing her praises all the day long.
She & I took turns modeling the rings with our bright nail polishes chipped to hipness. She did the scorpion for herself in all diamonds, retailing for about what a nice used Lexus would run you. But who would want a dumb car when you could have a diamond-encrusted scorpion "living" on your finger?

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