Friday, June 11, 2010

belt of my dreams

i saw this snake waist belt at Club Monaco several months ago. it was
$150. i couldn't really afford it though i wanted it SO bad. i thought
and thought about it and finally decided not to be bad. now that i'm
here in NYC permanently, i walked by the Club Monaco and though still
broke, decided to walk in anyway. it's hard for me to "just look." i'm
definitely a "buyer." so i walk around and there is my belt! ONE left.
in MY size. marked down to $59! yay! NYC is expensive though, and i
don't really have extraneous money for yet another belt....however,
such a good sale and one left, happens to be in my size. it seems like
fate. i decide to go for it. the cashier rings it up and says "it's
actually $29" YAY! ding ding i won!
worn to an art opening with my lace Gary Graham, and Cynthia Vincent
Harper wedges, & Target socks.
leopard cashmere cardigan by Autumn Cashmere and Treesje handbag.

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