Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chanel ballet

Mitch, my stylist I literally cannot live without, fixed my flats today
I originally saw them in teen Vogue, next to the worst 2 words in
editorial, "model's own."
I emailed someone there and asked about them. yes I was obsessed
they were last year's style so not available anymore
that means "EBAY"
I began the search
finally found them in a size too small. I bought them anyway-obsession
is a powerful thing-and tried to wear them
but they killed my feet
I care too much about comfort so I resold on eBay for a bit more than
I paid. Go, me!
the search was on again
finally I found them one size too big which was fine, Chanel runs tiny
I didn't meet the reserve price but knew they would relist them
instead they gave me a second chance offer for my lower bid! yay
so now I owned them again
the problem was the annoying elastic in the heel that shoes have now
it pushed my toes forward and left marks cutting into my heel
how on earth can FLATS be uncomfy?
so I asked several shoe repair places to remove the elastic. they all
told me they couldn't, even the one in NYC!
so I gave Mitch the scissors, said a quick prayer and let him do his
they are now the everyday comfy go-to ballet flat I wanted them to be!
thank you Mitchie!!!!

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