Saturday, November 13, 2010

new Acquisition

sometimes a piece is so stunning, it is not just a "buy," it's an "acquisition!" such is the case with my new Leifsdottir skirt. i passed by it on the rack, seeing the $850 price tag, and knowing it was too much for such an extravagant piece. then later, i found out it was from summer and would be marked down! lo and behold, it rang up to $180! yesssssssss. my day was made, and i knew a blog would soon follow.
i dressed down it's flamenco-sensibility with a ladylike J. Crew camel cashmere crew and an Hermes Twilly scarf. pearls by my girl, Jenn Fenton, of course! Pedro Garcia leopard kitten heels.
i probably should wait and wear this for an "event" but i'm sure i'll end up at work in it! :)
grey + beige=greige! the hot new nail color as well as the color of my new Alexander Wang bag.
i love the color, as it goes with ANY other colors! i love the big tote size but lightweight feel of it. the leather is sooooo soft too!

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