Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Black is the new Black

Every so often that catty hag Mitch goads me into action by casually asking, "Why is your blog so boring?" Mmmmhmmm. So of course I have to go blog something to appease the beast, and assuage my own guilty conscience.
This outfit was born out of necessity, like many happy accidents. I had a drink with Mitch after work, planning on returning home that evening and of course ended up having a few too many and watching fashion shows on style.com all night, and never making it home. Waking up the next morning, I found myself with one outfit option, a dress I had brought over for sewing repair and my Chanel boots from the previous day. I would never have opted for these boots with this conservative vintage dress, and yet it worked. Pumps with this dress would be so staid and uninteresting, but the boots add a tomboy flavor.
I also never wear all black, but the dress is actually navy and for some reason, I feel like I am going to a socialite's funeral in this get-up.
Dress is vintage from high school. I think I paid $1.00 for it. Go, me!
Tights H&M
Chanel boots fall 2011
Fur coat is also vintage, with big 80's Dynasty shoulders. A gift from a friend...
Alligator bag is from Goodwill, also from a good friend. He paid $2.00.

I actually put on some makeup today, great new eyeshadow by Everyday Minterals. It went on easily and comes in great neutrals, like olive green and a brown/green moss color.
Also a hideous bright red lip color by Wet n Wild, which looks great if you blot it and wear as a stain instead of garish lipstick.

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