Sunday, February 13, 2011

MITCHIE is back!

Gary Graham's new dressing room set-up, leftover from the fashion show. fun!
Mitchie loves the details. my stylist....but he did make me trash these 10-year old DKNY sweater tights :(
my super fave Omelle shoes, blush pink with silver buckles and heels.
Mitchie rockin the red laces in his duck boots and a new camo tote from Tommy! shockering, i know...
channeling the models who walked down the runway last week, minus the Joan Jett hair
really cool interior paint job in Chelsea. i love Chelsea!
the cute bartenders at D Bar.
really! all bartenders should dress like this!
rolled out of bed to accompany Mitch to Starbucks. he made me get dressed, he MAKES me look cute.
vintage black rabbit fur from my friend Penny, who i just found out is no longer with us. very sad. i will wear my coat in loving memory of that great artist and friend.
my Nine West oxfords with Mitch's vintage Helmut Lang jeans. want them.

Mitchie and the rust wall. good morning! in his father's pea coat. delish!
whatchu laughin at?
lonely philodendron in the apt
all dressed for work. same outfit, different accessories. as i mentioned, he axed my DKNY tights....
pretty light in his lobby. and great tiles. holy cow, i'm even wearing lipstick! my pa would be so PROUD!
the details. i'm crazy for this skirt from Gary's spring collection. i will wear it under EVERYthing.
my JKC rabbit clutch. uber good.
cobalt, our fave color!
angry Mitchie! always perturbed, or pretending!
this button came in to ABC today to check out Gary's goodies. she owns a web store that carries him. her vintage fur coat-turned-vest really got me excited.

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  1. Just adored meeting you. Love the way you rock your GG and your vintage fur. Will definitely be stopping by to see you the next time we're in NYC.