Sunday, February 13, 2011

Awesomeness at Fashion Week

is it racist to say the Asians work it the best?
i thought this girl was Rumi from the back. great sweater and hat! the sweater is cut lower in the back.
this was a happy accident. now i want a poster for my wall. BOWS!!!!
long was what was up. love it, but i was wearing long back in September...i'm just sayin...
this bright fur is so amazing.
bring that neon, girl, i'm ready!
these shoes are so dope. can i say a classy shoe is "dope?" of course i can, it's MY blog!
everything is good on her! she's the BOW SHOE GIRL!
dope girl, again. looks rushed but soooooo good!
loving the bright shoe
and again. with delicate whites. so right!
these fur sleeves! OOOOOOOO. amazing! and the gloves! aaaaaack.
very chic & simple, but the fur makes it.
these two were bad out. again with two-tone shoes. j'adore!
another pair of style masters. long skirt & fur, yet again. 
what? yes, i DID get the long skirt & fur memo!
so great this hat. and she's adorable under it!
oh this one head-to-TOE! she had all the photographers running!
just perfection. really.
GLAMAZON. i don't know how she walks in these, but it sure looks good!

though bitter cold, style was hot! my new thing was to not stop the person to pose but to catch them moving. so much more interesting, i think. bright color was the word of the day, as well as FUR!

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