Thursday, July 11, 2013

a dress, a dress, my kingdom for a dress...

I got another new dress yesterday, in the POST--fancy Brit word for mail....
Did I need another dress?
How many dresses do I need?
The answer to those questions, is Yes and A Jillion.

The green is Acne, a fabulous find ON SALE (justification kicks in like a life force...) from this great website that sends a fun reusable tote with your order! BONUS!, yet another justification. It's in Italy (where fab things generally are...) & called Bagheera.

With it, I am wearing my 5-bills, the Loeffler Randall shoes from many moons ago that I HAD to have, and look, I'm still wearing them!!! I think green & camel are divine together.

My new spring bag, from ebay, a Givenchy Nightingale in a wondrous bone color. It's such a cool neutral yet it says a lot more than a general neutral...the wrinkly elephant leather is just too good.

BTW, my Big Tacky Watch by Freelook, and some great necklaces by Jennifer Zeuner.

The blue & white quintessential cut-out sundress is Boy Band of Outsiders.
Such a cool brand. Their lookbook pics are that! Denton & my mother both were perplexed by the loose threads hanging at the bottom---i had to explain the gorgeous theory of "deconstruction" to them!

Wearing my UES Michele watch, second-hand off ebay, and D-Squared sandals. These sandals are so amazing, they look like Hermes ribbons. I have blogged them before, long ago, but they bear repeating. Plus it was a LOOOOOONG winter and it's sandal time!

The End!

oh!  and photos by the ever-talented Denton Taylor!

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  1. About time you started writing. You must always put a narrative to your brand of crazy that is what rock stars like you do...