Monday, July 9, 2012

The Long search for Shorts

I am still in shock that even in New York City, it took me about a month to find a cute pair of shorts. I fell in love with some Comme des Garcons from spring at Bergdorf, but even on sale they were like, $300+ and they were WHITE. No can do white. I have to sit on dirty things in this city so white is a no go. No other designers were even really doing shorts. I tried the cheap women's stores, and they were all butt-cheek baring short shorts. NOT cute. The cheap men's stores had boring Bermudas. So that left me with expensive men's stores. Bring in Odin, which is super chic and had a pair of these sick Tim shorts on sale. Even on sale they were a small fortune, but less than the Comme and NOT white. I had looked so long and hard that I was ready to plop down some major plastic. They are comfy, adorable, and khaki! Three rights make a right. Also note the sweet tuxedo stripe down the side in a lighter tan...
But what's not right is Mitch is moving to Philly. He starts a new job today, and while happy for him, I'm a bit devastated for my own self. :(
Here is our last blog post together until he comes and visits (or I crash his new pad...)

My tank by Target
Shorts by Tim
Sandals by D Squared
Twilly on wrist by Hermes
Ozzy, my Mcqueen tote

Mitch is wearing vintage Neiman Marcus cabana shirt
McQueen shorts
Prada loafers

We are so cute I could throw up.

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