Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pasquale joins the family

Meet Pasquale....a beautiful crocodile bag I won from the Bag Snobs & Nancy Gonzalez!
If this bag were black, I would love it but not be IN love with it.
It's the color that has me smitten!
Nancy Gonzalez is known for classics & twists on those classics & Pasquale Is twisting away in the most charmingly teal way!
I can't wait to pair my neons with this bag for a color riot!
On a lighter note, I have found a fab new nail polish by Revlon, called CLOUD, that is perfect for Easter! And it looks quite striking with Pasquale.
The spring-inspired floral tights are from Burdine's about 18 years ago! No label so I have no idea....
ALSO! This morning I just got a call that I won Oprah's favorite trip to Australia from The Tailor luxury vacations! So Pasquale will definitely be going on that vacation! Hopefully we won't run into any of his relatives.....
I will be blogging my way around Australia so stay tuned!

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