Sunday, February 27, 2011

a neon-licious day in Williamsburg!

we started the day with some nutritious grub from Pies-n-Thighs. YUMMMMY!
i don't know if i'm seeking out neon, being on this kick and all, or if the world is just turning towards it for it's healing qualities....

neon BROOMS! yessssss. cleaning is cool again. not really....
such a bizarre meat poster. a little creepy.

all the pretty little crow's feet!
mmmm hmmmm good! 
biscuits n gravy!
such a great name. i kept repeating it all day!
piles of homemade biscuits!
red balloon, blue bike. really after this drab winter, i am so ready for color!
karate men!
great texture on this old door
the arrowhead door handle
baby blue wall dulled by bright sunlight
HOT PINK! whoa mama. needed my shades for this one!
looks like a night that ended badly, or maybe just awkward...
neon bill the cat?

gorgeous stained glass at our subway stop

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