Thursday, July 8, 2010

date with Mitch

we met for happy hour at VNYL. wondrous! they serve frozen Cosmos! what a dream. our bartender was a delightful ginger named Marilyn, and next to us was a composer named Benjamin. he looked like an actor, not anyone in particular but just an actor in general...i didn't catch the other bartenders name but i took a shot just cuz.
the lovely rainbow windows. leftover from gay pride perhaps? VNYL is in Chelsea, after all.
they have a Justin Timberlake bathroom. there is a life size mosaic of him on the wall, his star on the door, and non stop playing of his music inside, regardless of what is playing in the restaurant. love a theme!
cutest bulldog puppy EVER. white head and brindl body.
Mitch found his dream vintage book in the basement of Paul Smith.
a girl with divine snakeskin / neon yellow flats.
delish day!
dress by Single
spider necklace by Gerard Yosca

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  1. I'm always glad to be told I look like an actor. But it's music for me.
    best wishes,