Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Club Monaco

my new job is keeping me busy. too busy to post...but i can't use that excuse so here i go, up on my roof on a cloudy day to shoot myself. (with my camera, that is)
the Club has something for everyone, that's what is so fascinating about it. the customer base is somewhat conservative but the chicest girl came in yesterday trying on hats. i am SURE she works for a magazine, i could just tell! if you dig and have a creative mind, you can utilize some of the business type pieces and make them very funky indeed. take these menswear pants (which have a phenomenal fit!) paired with a Rozae Nichols 2-piece corset top and my Omelle shoes. add a chunky snake cuff and a big ass necklace and there you have it! de-conservatizate! yes i made that up, but i'm an English major and i'm allowed. spell check didn't even redline that one...hmmm. maybe someone really made it a word...some who shops at Club Monaco!
roz is gone, so sad...but her link was

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