Sunday, April 4, 2010

happy Easter dress!

usually i look forward to buying a new dress every year for Easter. but due to the state of finances, as well as the state of my closet, that didn't happen this year.
but i did choose a dress i haven't worn yet. i like this dress, it's Rozae Nichols, and since she doesn't design that line anymore, i dig her old things. but i'm not that attached. i would sell it. in fact, i did try to sell it to my friend Maria.
i am doing a series this week on things i wouldn't sell, no matter WHAT. there are a few. i sell a lot; on ebay, to friends, & to make room for new clothes. BUT there are some things that are keepers. such as Maurice, Gary Graham anything, etc.
and such as....5 bills! my adored Loeffler Randall shoes. LR shoes are still great, but that season was a stand out. i bought 3 pairs! i think it was 4 or 5 years ago.
also took some close-ups of them to showcase what i love but others might not understand: LOVINGLY WORN. the chips and gashes in the wood on the heels is part of the appeal! it shows they were actually worn, not just standing around cocktail parties, but traipsing through the trials of life, getting some wear & tear, just like me. this is not a defect. in fact i wouldn't trade these for a spanking brand new pair; just as i would never trade my vintage Louis Vuitton speedy bag for a new one. the dark brown worn leather handles are what signify luxury to me. using it til it falls apart. that's why we pay big money for good things. they last. and part of their lasting is the beautiful patina they develop with age.
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