Friday, May 29, 2009

cool day

i prefer cool to sexy. it's just more me. so i combated the long black dress with a fun funky ensemble. black satin "genie" pants, shirt by borders & frontiers (found on a blog), cotton socks from marshall's for $1, my FAVORITE shoes ever, loeffler randall, 5 bills. i call them that because they were $500. but i got a discount, of course. they are comfy and fabulous. 3 years old and still the best. a chan luu leather wrap bracelet, adding a little hippie to the mix, and an Hermes ribbon tied around my wrist,a friendship bracelet from my BFF mitch, who is moving back to NYC :(  
also my newest find, a michele diamond watch ( i love a little W.A.S.P. now and then) found on ebay for a steal. yay! 

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